Armati Custom Faucet Solution


Armati provides hotel project / homeowners with the ability to customize their kitchen and bathroom designs through the following advantages:

  • Wide range of 62 finish choices
  • Variety of collections and styles
  • Complete solutions for the lavatory, tub & shower, and kitchen
  • Mix and match faucets, handles, shower, and finishes
  • In-house engineers for custom fixture needs

With Armati faucet, your choices are endless, your design is uncompromised, and your visions will realized.

1).First interior designer/hotel designer(client) may provide Armati some faucet idea or sketch, our engineer may convert them into computer format. 



2).Engineer continue to make digital render for client's design.



3).Engineer may discuss with client for internal structure, to confirm the water way and give professional opinion for modification.


4).After CAD drawing confirmation, we may using CNC machine to product this sample.


Above are general procedure for custom faucet solution, lead time from 10 day to 4 weeks, this may depends on difficulty of your design and existing mold that we have.

Our recent case from design to mass production only cost 45 days.



Case study :

Shenzhen Hui Hotel is a modern 5 star hotel, hotel designer want a unique faucet fit  their rectangular hotel logo.

 we design a single innovate single level and spout to meet customer’s requirement.  

There is 88 rooms in this luxury hotel,and that is acceptable for custom faucet production.


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