luxury rain shower company China / luxury rain shower head manufacturer --Armati 284 710.000

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luxury rain shower company China / luxury rain shower head manufacturer --Armati 284 710.000

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Rain shower Φ300x 25mm with easy clean system,chrome plated...


luxury rain shower company China / luxury rain shower head manufacturer


Armati is luxury hotel bathroom hardware brand, check here for Armati bath accessories standard catalogue,we

are OEMmanufacturer for Germany and Italia brands like Grohe/Hansgrohe/Gessi/Zucchetti etc.Our bathroom

accessories apply same coating thickness to faucet item,our latest project is famousThe Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel

phase III.Customer can visit this hotel and see our bath accessories in champagne gold finish,we able to produce 60 differernt

color finish on our accessories,we can also produce bath accessories base on your designer idea.


Armati use best raw material include 59+ brass/Australia Zinc alloy, Kerox cartridge,neoperl aerator

and many more,check following know our product and production plant detail.


Armati now offering product to luxury 5 star hotel like Kempinski,Sheraton,The Venetian,Shangri-laand many more,

clickpicture and know more.



Armati always serve as best partner for hotel and interior designer,we able to custom produce your unique

faucet base on your hotel project style,you can just provide usfaucet sample,photo,sketch or even roughidea,

we can make your inspiration into reality faucet in min 10days,click following image to know more.


Welcome to inquiry sales@armati.bizand visit our showroom / plant in China.


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luxury rain shower company China / luxury rain shower head manufacturer --Armati 284 710.000




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