Luxury high end electronic tap automatic taps automatic faucet factory China--Armati 931 101.000

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Luxury high end electronic tap automatic taps automatic faucet factory China--Armati 931 101.000

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Acquamatic electronic tap,chrome...


Luxury high end electronic tap automatic taps automatic faucet factory China


Armati also produce high end sensor faucet,high end waste trap, shower trap,bathtub waste. check here

for  Armati bath shower standard catalogue ,we are OEM manufacturer for Germany and Italia brands like

Grohe/Hansgrohe/Gessi/Zucchetti etc.We also produce luxury class shower and bathroom accessories fitting in 

high designer and good quality,such as designer sensor faucet,designer waste trap ,designer bottle trap, all fitting

can be carved with  hotel logo to meet the most strict project requirement.


Armati use best raw material include 59+ brass/Australia Zinc alloy, Kerox cartridge,neoperl aerator

and many more,check following know our product and production plant detail.


Armati now offering product to luxury 5 star hotel like Kempinski,Sheraton,The Venetian,Shangri-la and many more,

click picture and know more.



Armati always serve as best partner for hotel and interior designer,we able to custom produce your unique

faucet base on your hotel project style,you can just provide us faucet sample,photo,sketch or even rough idea,

we can make your inspiration into reality faucet in min 10days,click following image to know more.


 Welcome to inquiry and visit our showroom / plant in China.


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Luxury high end electronic tap automatic taps automatic faucet factory China--Armati 931 101.000





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