Armati Teach you How to Refinish a Bathtub

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Friday, May 5, 2017 3:24:00 AM America/Los_Angeles


  • vacuum
  • paintbrush or sprayer
  • drop cloth


  • masking tape
  • plastic sheeting or paper
  • two-part epoxy filler

Wade Works Creative



Wade Works Creative

Clean Tub

Remove hardware and the old caulk from the bathtub. Clean the tub thoroughly with a degreaser.


Repair Chips

Mix a two-part epoxy filler until it forms a paste consistency (Images 1 and 2). Next, apply epoxy with a putty knife to fill any chips in the tub’s surface (Image 3). Scrape excess epoxy with the putty knife to reduce sanding time later (Image 4).


Wade Works Creative

Smooth Rough Spots

Once the epoxy hardens, smooth any rough spots with a utility knife, orbital sander or sandpaper.


Wade Works Creative

Scrub Tub

Use steel wool or sandpaper to scrub the tub three times, vacuuming between scrubbings.


Wade Works Creative

Protect Area

Cover any areas that need protection using tape, paper and a drop cloth or plastic sheeting..


Wade Works Creative

Apply Paint

For professional results, spray paint finish onto bathtub using an air compressor. You can also use a paintbrush to do the job. Wait 15-20 minutes before applying another coat.

Wade Works Creative

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